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Super Blood Hockey
"The golden age of 8-bit sports is back!"
A game by Loren Lemcke

Super Blood Hockey is a revival of classic 8-bit era sports games, with a dash of ultra-violence, powered by a modern 2D physics engine. Experience a retro pixel aesthetic in combination with fast paced, violent hockey action featuring both single player and multiplayer modes of gameplay. Create, customize and manage your own team in career mode. Challenge your friends to a match and relive the glory days of retro sports games!

Coming to PC/Steam in 2016!


What is the current state of the game?

Calling the game a Beta is being very generous. There is still tons of work to do and it is arguably closer to being an Alpha. However, without focusing too much on terminology, this just means there will be tons of cool updates in the future.

Oh, and expect some bugs…

Where can I download the game?

You can download the game using one of the following links: SBH Beta v2 SBH Beta v2

IndieDB: SBH Beta v2

What do you have planned for the game?

I have the following planned*: *Not limited to, nor guaranteed (because plans change sometimes).

Will this game be free or cost money?

The game is free for now, but once it reaches a state of sufficient quality and enough features are present, it will eventually cost some money. Probably not too much though…

Can I stream the game / make youtube / Let’s play videos?

Yes, but all I ask is that you put in the title or video description somewhere indicating it is in “beta”, or even the build version if you want to get fancy. Oh, and you can monetize them too.

What can I do to help development of the game?

The best thing you can do for me is leave quality, useful feedback here: Official Super Blood Hockey Subreddit

I am not doing any pre-ordering stuff as of now, so hold on to your money for now. Tell a friend instead.

What controllers work with the game?

- Anything that is X-input compatible, e.g. Xbox 360 controller.

- Also, many controllers can emulate x-input:

- I am not sure if the Steam controller works or not, I suppose it should, but I don’t have one.. So one of you will have to tell me.


The game won't start, what do?

- Please ensure you have the XNA Runtime library installed:

- Please ensure you have .NET installed:

- Try running the application as administrator

- Try running the application in compatability mode for Windows Vista

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